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usage term “Black” now.

My other feeling was, you know, that whites were more than happy to accept the term “Black,” and with some sort of derogatory tinge to it. But that is, again, my own peculiar perverse view of -- and racism, racist motivation, you know.

Well, anyway, we're stuck with it, for the time being. The term I prefer, as being most descriptive and accurate, is the term “colored.” But that's become a really out term, in the innocuous -- in fact, when I say “colored” now, people look at me as if I'm from another age.


To leave the footnote question, then -- the next major topic was your further details of the role as president of the American Psychological Association, and I was wondering if we might jump, though, first to your presidential address, which concluded your term?

First of all, what --


-- well, could we divide these?Because actually, we only have about ten more minutes before one of my staff persons gets apoplexy. I'd rather use the ten minutes in talking about the address, and save the presidency of the APA for another session, if you don't mind?




The presidential address. All right. I don't know about other people who've been elected president of the APA, but

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