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feels that she ought to get me away, to rest and relax, and what she didn't know was, she'd get me away, all right, but I was still bedeviled by this damned talk.

And then, our trip somewhere, I think it was on a cruise or to Bermuda, about three or four months before -- it was the winter before I was supposed to give it, I don't remember when -- it occurred to me what I was going to say, and I got up one night, and I wrote it out, or wrote out the outline of it. And what I wanted to say was that man has to really hurry up his evolution. And this is what psychology has to address itself to, now -- that we just didn't have time, we couldn't wait for the normal evolutionary development of a moral sense in man, because I believe that that was the direction in which human beings are evolving, from barbarity to morality.

But with the atom, nuclear age, unfortunately the intellectual side of man had outstripped his moral sensitivity side, much more rapidly than we had anticipated in the past. Things had gotten out of balance. And this is what psychology had to address it-self to. And couldn't wait on education, couldn't wait on religion, you know, couldn't wait on? the horrible dualisms, rationalizations, pretenses, which are all right, as projections, but we had to have a functional morality in a hurry.

It was a hell of a thing for a social psychologist ?think?

to say....(off tape)

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I was saying that the thoughts that were developing, that I

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