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Interview # 9
Interview with Dr. Kenneth B. Clark
by Ed Edwin
New York City
September 9, 1976


Dr. Clark, toward the end of the last interview, you went into the genesis of your presidential address to the American Psychological Association, but you did not go into any details or all the details about the conduct of your presidency, the first year as president-elect and then the year when you'd actually been installed.

Dr. Clark:

All right. By the way, I have a copy of that followup to the presidential address, which I delivered last week in Washington to the American Psychological Association. The Association had its meeting in Washington, and they invited me to give a presentation on behavior modification and freedom, and I used the occasion to really re-state my position of five years ago, and to share with my audience my experiences during the five years, in terms of the critics of my position five years ago, and some of the things which the criticism required me to think through more clearly, and in the process of thinking them through, surprisingly, I came to the same position I had before.

I'll give you a copy of that, if you'd care to have it.

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