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Again to my very pleasant surprise, the memorandum which I thought was going to be nitpicked to death, you know --(I always expect the worst of my fellow man in this kind of situation, which is bad, bad habit on my part) -- but I wouldnot have been surprised if after receiving it, in their first discussion, they'd said, “Yeah, Kenneth, this is nice words, but this doesn't fit with that, and this is more argumentative than needs to be, “etc.

They didn't do that. Every suggestion that was made, the discussion was constructive. And one of the most constructive persons was Gardner Lindsay. Gardner took the thing seriously. Every comment that he made, every suggestion that he made strengthened it. And when we got through, I was very pleased about it, and an abstract of it was published in our newspaper, the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION MONITOR.

By the way -- all of this happening before my presidential address, because, for some peculiar reason, you don't give your presidential address until you're getting ready to leave. That's the last thing you do, and I guess there's some good reason for it.

I must honestly tell you that the year of my actual presidency was, to me, a very positive year, to my surprise. I mean, out of it came the decision to have a Board of Ethical and Social Responsibility in Psychology, BESERP. That was one of the recommendations we made, and it was adopted, and was adopted by the Council. Now, that was not a minor feat, because we develop boards very rarely in the Association, because they are expensive, and we had to pay for the travel and expenses of board members. But the boards do the actual

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