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got to tell you this. “This was in the fifties, when people were just beginning to get television, and they'd gotten a television, and he said his son was looking at the television, and looking at one of the cowboy, violent pictures, and after it was over, he went up to his daddy, my colleague, Max, and said, “Daddy, Daddy, -- I now know why cowboys shoot people.”

And Max said, “Mike, why do cowboys shoot people?”

And Mike said, “Because they're in a hurry.”

I've never forgotten that. I now know why human beings are cruel and inhuman and immoral and dehumanize their fellow human beings: because they're in a hurry. They're acting and behaving in terms of their own primitive, immediate

needs. If they weren't in such a hurry, maybe they'd give themselves time to sit back and think.

Now, I don't know what the hell this has to do with my presidential tenure, except it has to do with what I did, certainly, at the --

Well, why do parents in Boston or Louisville teach their children to hate? Why do they insist on infecting their own childdren with their disease, moral disease?

Because they're in a hurry -- I mean, they don't understand that in the future, their children will be crippled, in terms of any effective interaction with other human beings. They're in too much of a hurry to give themselves time to sit back and reflect on themselves and their responsibility to their children and their grandchildren, and to think about the fact that they're doing

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