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more damage to their children than they're doing to the blacks whom they purport to hate.

Vorster in South Africa, you know-- he knows damn well, as anybody -- you don't have to even go to South Africa, the way I did. Anybody who reads about that. Even Ford knows -- you know everybody else must know -- according to today's paper, Ford (it may be campaign oratory), but at least it took some insight for him to know that the Southern African situation is not capable of being sustained indefinitely, or for that matter, even in the near future --

But Vorster thinks that they can get away with this in the lifetime of his government or during his lifetime. He doesn't dare to stop to think about the legacy of barbarity that he is leaving.

And by the way, I don't think it? he will survive his lifetime.

You know, -- anyway, I think this should be the last of our sessions, because I'm telling you what I think. I don't have a hell of a lot to say.

Yeah, I believe that the human species is worth saving, because I think that the human species has positive potentials. But you're not going to get them without a struggle.

Paradoxically, one will have to fight to get the human being and those with power in control over the destiny of human beings -- one will have to fight to get them to a stage where one will not have to fight.

A paradox -- but -- and it's worth fighting about.

Now, what do I mean by fighting? I do not mean bombing.

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