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like family, in a way. So, whenever you see each other, you engage in nostalgia and what not.

For example, when Mamie and I went to Sweden, one of the first persons we went to visit was to Gunnar. His publisher, Pantheon, -- whenever Gunnar would come to America, in regard to one of his books, he would let his publishers know that he would like to see me, and they would call, and Mamie and I would go for dinner or something.

It was an easy, casual kind of thing.


Some time ago, you and he studied the possibility of doing a sequel to DILEMMA, didn't you?


Yes, we did.


There was a great NEW YORK TIMES --


-- we were very serious about it. But it soon became clear that it was beyond his present energy level. And maybe one of these days, I'll show you the correspondence that we had on that. The decision not to pursue it was not an easy one, and really tested the depth and quality of our friendship, and we are both very happy to have passed the test, as you'll see by the correspondence. Some time, I'll show you. And his wife, Alva -- she's a wonderful person. She said that the letter I sent... she said that that letter that I sent to Gunnar, releasing him of any obligations, was one of the finest letters she had ever--

?, I want you to see Mr. Edwin... I think it's been

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