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-- but I've got to find them! I gotta find them. Which shows you how organized we are. Now, Mamie has files of stuff in the attic, and there are so many things -- you know, you'd have to spend days and weeks looking.

Now, I thought I'd put those letters not in the files but in my drawer. And I know damn well, they're not in my drawer now, because I at least clean out my drawer once every year or two.

Anyway, I'm sure they're not destroyed or thrown away, and I'm sure they weren't sent to the Library of Congress, because only the things that I had in the office were sent there. They're at home somewhere, and one of these days, when I'm convalescing from something else, I'll take time and go through all those things, and pick out these four or five very special things.


You also made this further reference to your venture here, and you have gone into some detail on that, but I believe that you may be doing some work that is not in it, that may not be still privileged-- I believe you were on another Army assignment, weren't you, in Germany?


Yeah. No-- I'm going to Germany on Election Day. And I just went to the Army War College, couple of weeks ago, the 31st of August. I'm working with the State Department. I hope to be working with the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of Transportation. Those contracts have not been consummated yet, but --

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