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Mamie ClarkMamie Clark
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Interview #1
Interviewee: Dr. Mamie Clark
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
Date: May 25, 1976
New York City, Northside Center


Dr. Clark, since we're starting this reminiscence right here at Northside Center, I wonder if you could just concisely tell what Northside Center is and does, as you did when you gave me this tour this morning? Then, we know that you have other written reports which can expand on that. But particularly, as you describe this, describe your own involvement, and then we'll flash back to the beginning, what the influences were as you grew up, that brought you here to set up the Northside Center and to work with the children here in Harlem.

Dr. Mamie Clark:

Well, I can tell you that the Northside Center for child Development is the special agency for emotionally disturbed children, and we also have what we call an umbrella of services for the children. This includes psychiatric therapy, psychological diagnosis and counselling, psychiatric social work for parents and children, and other kinds of supplementary services, such as remedial reading, medical diagnosis, and recreation for children, cultural

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