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Session 1, May 25, 1976

Northside Center for Child Development 1

Childhood in Segregated Arkansas 2–9

Undergraduate Education at Howard University 10–15

   Meeting Kenneth Clark 13
   Developing interest in child psychology 14

Master's Degree at Howard University 16–17

   "First Interests in Children and Development of Consciousness of Self" (M.A. thesis) 17
   Public schools in Washington, D.C. 17

Segregation Cases in U.S. Supreme Court 18–20

Marriage 21

Ph.D. Degree at Columbia University 22–26

   "Development of Primary Mental Abilities with Age" (Ph.D. thesis) 23–24
   Kenneth Clark's interest in child psychology 25–26

Research on Children's Self–Consciousness / Self–Hatred and Race 27–30

Psychological Testing of Children at Riverdale Children's Association, New York City 31–37

Establishment and Expansion of the Northside Center for Child Development 38–52

   Attitudes toward psychiatry 41–42
   Public schools / education 43–44
   Expansion 45–52
   Volunteers 50–52

Dispute About Center's Psychiatric Approach 53–59

Parent Involvement in Center's work 60–62

Center's Impact in Harlem's Community and Schools 63–66

Center's Medical Services / Children's Physical Health 67–70

Center's Psychological Work with Children 71–75

   Doll testing 71–73
   Family planning 75

Kenneth Clark's Involvement with Center 76–77

Race Issues and the Northside Center 78–81

   Malcolm X 80–81

Political Figures (NY State and NYC) and Center 82–86

Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, HARYOU/ACT 87–95

   Dispute with K. Clark 87–88

Harlem Community Leaders and Center 96–97

Race Issues and Education 98–100

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