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like $30 a month, some unheard-of figure. And it was adequate, and we wrote to my father and asked him for some money to open it. He sent back the $936 that we wanted, and we bought furniture, and we opened it.


Just the two of you operated it at first?


No. All these people that we had discussions with, they were friends of ours who were psychiatrists, who were psychologists, people in the clinical field, and several of them volunteered to help us if we would open it, and they did. So when we opened, it was not just the two of us. We had three volunteer psychiatrists, who just gave a little piece of time, but they came, and three volunteer social workers, and another pscyhologist.

We had to pay the rent, and we had to pay a part time clerical person, but that was it, when we opened.


I want to follow through how it developed, in a moment, but just for comparison, what kind of staff do you have here at Northside now?


Oh my! Well, first of all, they're all paid, and there are about 60 of them who are paid people. So there's a vast difference. And now of course, there are more disciplines in here now. We added remedial reading, the medical component, paraprofessional component. The library, the school. The volunteer services.

You know, we figured out the other day, that first year, we opened in March. We had a total of 60 children altogether.

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