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going to open a center like this?


That was while I was at Riverdale. Yes. It was within that 18 month period. And in that period, it became clear what the services were that were needed. They were the services which these children should have, and they were getting part of, but they were not getting all of. There was a psychiatric service they needed, and social work, psychological evaluation, and the remedial reading.


Who supported you in your efforts to establish Northside Center? Also, where did you go for support and then who finally did support you?


Well, Kenneth and I went to most of the existing agencies in Harlem, because it was our first thinking that this service should be a part of a larger agency, and we went for example to the Urban League. We went to the Childrens' Aid Society. We went to the Community Service Society. We even talked to a few ministers, thinking it could be part of a church program, in terms of location if nothing else. We spoke to a great many individuals. We had groups of people to our home, to discuss the stablishment of it. And for the most part, the agencies seemed to feel that it wasn't a service that they weren't performing. They seemed to feel that it was something they were already doling -- which they weren't, really. So we just realized that we weren't going to get it open that way. So we decided to open it ourselves, and we found this place, which was very reasonable in terms of rent. I don't remember -- something

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