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Yes. Even before we established the school, which is two years ago, we had a group of parents to or ganize themselves, parents of children in treatment at the time. That was about five years ago. And they wanted to continue to work for Northside Center, and indeed they have. Now, they don't raise much money, but they do other kinds of things. For example, they have just sponsored a big-- what do they call it? A big fair. They're great on cooking things and baking things and selling baked goods and stuff like that. They do that a lot. It doesn't raise much money for us, but it's good, you know, and it's helping them. And they have grown immensely. They have sponsored young men in a concert-- a few are very talented. They have, for example, got a newspaper. They have organized this -- well, there's always been a Girl Scout troop, but it's a black Girl Scout troop. They do things like that -- you know, come to the aid of a family in distress. If a family gets burned out of their apartment house, they'll come, and they'll gather clothes, they'll take food. They do humanitarian things, really.

Oneday, since they're now permanent - - the children have all grown up. They're adding new people, but the original core has children who are now grown up, some of them at college, and their children have done well. I mean, I think that's one thing that keeps them here, to help the agency. They've done well.

This parent group raises money. Now, the y're raising money out there now, through this band, and they will buy equipment for the school. They'll buy a child some clothing if he needs it. They do humanitarian things too, but also give a little bit of money to the

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