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sense that one of our staunchest board members was the head of the Urban League at that time, and he came onto our board and now his daughter's on our board.


Which on are we talking about now?


We're talking about Edward Lewis.


What's his daughter's first name?



What about Northside's


relationship with any of the more militant black groups?

Going all the way from CORE when it was more active to the Black Muslims.


Well, I can say this -- I think we've been hit with more militancy by the Spanish groups than anybody else, because this was the area of the Young Lords, if you will remember. The Young Lords were right on this spot before this building was here. During the militancy period, they were the most aggravation to us, because they would come into the agency making all kinds of demands from us, which we couldn't meet. Theywere always threatening us with something if we didn't meet these demands, which were highly un- realistic and unreasonable, like for money or for, to give various services, like going to court or something like that.

We didn't feel much impact from the Black Muslims group, except that again, they are centered over here at 116th St. and we

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