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someplace -- I said, “It's got to be one that works, Dennis! Okay? Don't come back to me and say it didn't work, okay?”

So Dennis goes and arranges with him, and he interviews him. The first thing he does is he reads this statement into the tape. Then he proceeds in a lengthy interview on the strike and everything else in the world. He calls me up and he says, “Moe, we got it.” I said, “You got the statement.” He says, “I got the statement, I got much more.” I said, “I don't want to know much more. I want the statement!” He says, “Moe, I'll give you the tape. It has everything in it.” I said, “I'm only interested in the statement.” So I got the statement. I know what's in the statement, I don't have to listen to it. It's there, alright. Dennis pledges to me that it works!


In the statement he describes the --


No, no! In the statement -- oh, describes the election fraud. Okay. I then say to Dennis and to other people here, “We've got to get Dave White to go public. Do you think he'll agree” Eddy says, “No problem.” I said, “Should I talk to him?” He said, “No, you should not talk to him. We talk to him.” [tape stops and starts] Eddy called and said, “Okay.” He had been asked to ask him, is it possible for me to talk to him? He said, okay, he'll talk to me. So I called him on the phone. It was rather embarrassing at the beginning --


Because you hadn't talked to him for years.


Yes. [laughs] But he knew why I was calling. I said, “I understand that you're prepared to go public to the press on it.” He says, “Yes. I'm prepared to do anything. I'm ready to die.” That's not an easy statement to make, because he knows the people! He had told me, and I had discussions with him, that Turner was surrounded by a group of five or six people with guns all the time. He told me how one time there was an altercation -- it must be one of those things in the NLRB thing where the police came, because they were called, and they were beating up somebody. The guys with the guns, one guy threw the gun underneath a car because he was afraid he might be frisked by the police. Scotty, he gave me all the names of the people with the guns. Some of them didn't have permits. Anyway, so that he knew when he made that statement that it wasn't just an idle thing. He knew that these guys were playing for keeps, that she employs on her staff as organizers guys with prison records -- you know, real tough characters.

So we decided that we would do it, and we then made copies of the statement and we then drafted a press release. Then the decision on

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