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The interview with Andrew Heiskell was conducted for the Oral History Research Office in 1987 by Jessica Holland, a 1969 graduate of Barnard College, who had served as a financial writer for the journal Institutional Investor before undergoing training at the Oral History Research Office and embarking on a career as an independent oral historian. Before her tragic early death in 1989, she had completed a number of oral-history projects for a variety of financial and business firms, including McKinsey and Company. This interview and some of the others present certain problems for the incomplete processing of the transcript. Our usual practice is to audit edit the initial transcript, correcting any typographical errors, providing full and proper names for those mentioned, and ensuring a standard format for the transcript. The observant reader will soon realize that, for reasons we cannot document in this interview, but for reasons that are documentable in others, the audit editing was not completed . This interview also provided the basis for an autobiographical memoir entitled Outsider, Insider: An Unlikely Success Story. The introduction to the published memoir describes in some detail how the oral history was transformed for the purposes of its publication.

Interview Excerpt
Andrew Heiskell started his Time-Life career in 1937 as an editor of science pictorials for Life magazine. Listen to Heiskell discuss Life's editorial process.
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