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Andrew Heiskell:

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot. I then said to him, and then, “Look, this is one of those cases where you've got a magazine that has been pre-promoted, mainly Time has a “People” page. And we all know that's the thing that people tend to turn to first. Newspapers have got “People” columns in one shape or the other, either gossip columns, or just literally just people columns. So quite obviously this is what people want to look at. And by the way, when Harry Luce and Brit Hadden started Time, they made a great point of trying to tell the story of the news through people.

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People was the name you always referred to it by? You never considered another name for it?

Andrew Heiskell:

Not just that. But I'll come to it in a moment, but, you remind me. So the idea was put into the hands of the development group. And the first question everybody asked was, “Well, there're not enough people to fill the magazine every week.” So I said, “Oh, for God's sake, of course there are.” They said, “Well, we don't think so.” I suggested, well, O.K., let's take a period of either six or eight weeks and each week we would make a list of the people that we would have featured. And at the end of six weeks it turned out that certainly was not the problem. There were plenty of people to fill a magazine with. Then the other objection was, this was a cheapy, a gossip magazine, so on, so on.

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