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Susie, Susan. And that was in 1967 I guess, something like that. And we decided to go through Eastern Europe. Because I'd never been there, therefore I wanted to see it. And in those days, it wasn't something that you did just like that. So the first thing I did was to make sure that I got the most reliable car that I could find. I got a good Mercedes-Benz. And we took off from Trieste, went down the coast of Yugoslavia, which was civilized and somewhat democratized by then and spent a few days in that lovely old fort town-Dubrounik[?]. And then we drove into Eastern Europe. And there you really were in a world totally separated from the West, with all sorts of problems, like language. I suddenly discovered that the only language you could use was German. And of course, for a perfectly good reason, but I hadn't thought of it before. And so I had to dredge out the German that I once knew. And after a few days it worked very well. We went back through Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. The roads were incredible. There're no garages. There're very few gas pumps. Reading signs was very difficult, I remember one place that was typical. You know it's a story that's told all over the place, but when you encounter it in Hungary and it says, there's a “Y” in the road and it says the same thing on both sides[Laughter]. And then you pass a broken down cart, a horse drawn cart with Gypsies on it and a bear being pulled

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