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figures regularly. Will it last forever? Probably not. But it has been a real activist and of course, has infuriated a great number of people, particularly on the right.

Then in the process of running Common Cause, John Gardner got to know a great number of the people in the non-profit world. And various meetings took place at which one discussed the lack of clout of the non-profit world and the lack of understanding of how important the non-profit world, the non-profit world, meaning universities, foundations, groups trying to help the Indians, you name it, and the need for these groups to pull together and make their presence and their size known, and felt. So John's last big public step at organization was the creation of the Independent Sector. Which is now the body that represents the non-profit world. But it's all been one chain going back to 1953 with the American Council to Improve Our Neighborhoods, and on up to here. And then going back to Jim Rouse who was in on the 1953 creation of ACTION, he now, three or four years ago, gave up his business, created something called the Enterprise Foundation. And the Enterprise Foundation's purpose is to help the very poor help themselves get out of the poverty trap, first through housing, then health, schooling, jobs, so on, so on. And Enterprise is now a thriving organization, of which I'm a Trustee, devoted entirely to this purpose. And I was amused. We're now in about twenty-five cities, and we try

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