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Davis, resigned the day we signed the final documents with the city, and was replaced by another fellow by the name of Henry Stern, who--his first words at the first board meeting were roughly, “Nothing by Werner Le Roy is going to be put in this park. I'm having a dispute with Werner Le Roy about Central Park and his restaurant there. He owes us more money” etcetera, etcetera. So, we had nothing but trouble.

Now six years later, two thousand meetings later, we're getting close to actually closing down the park, redesigning it, building stacks--we got the money to build stacks to enlarge the library under the park--and hopefully have a restaurant, a small one, in the area in the back, which we call New York's biggest latrine because that's about all it's used for.

Back to the Library itself.


Are you finished with Bryant Park?


Maybe never! Will I be finished in my lifetime? I'm not sure.


No! Are you finished talking about Bryant Park! [laughs]


I guess so.


Let me ask you a few questions. First of all, Werner Le Roy has withdrawn, correct?

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