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Who were the invaders when your parents arrived? The British?


The British, yes, a lot of British. One of them, Compton McKenzie, the writer, and he will appear briefly on the scene later on. There was the Swedish writer who was also a doctor, Axel Munthe.

In 1910, my sister, Diana, was born, but she was born in Paris for some reason. I guess the reason was the same reason that I wasn't born in Capri, namely there was no hospital in Capri or any kind of medical services really. And you either had to go to Naples or, in this case, they went to Paris because she turned out to be the first baby born in the American Hospital in Paris during the Great Flood of 1910, when the hospital was actually completely isolated from the City of Paris.

They returned from Paris to Capri and, other than quite a few travels, their base was Capri. Their travels were essentially in Europe, Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Greece, I think Turkey. Quite adventurous! My father first thought he was an artist and painted quite a lot. As a matter of fact, all we have is two paintings of his, one here in this room. He was a pretty good painter, at least in my opinion, but not exactly the kind to be able to make a profession out of it, and, as far as I can tell, he was mainly living off whatever allowance his father gave him.


What about your mother's father? Did he also give her an allowance?

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