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LIFE--let's talk about LIFE post-1972 and the rebirth of LIFE. Let's continue the LIFE story.


Several of us felt very strongly that it was important to keep the LIFE name going. And even though we had really folded LIFE's weekly magazine, and disposed of its staff in what I considered to have been a very well-organized manner--namely, Ralph Graves spent nine months doing nothing but paying attention to people and trying to place them. And we got an awful lot of people placed. But going back--we did want to keep the LIFE name. Among other reasons, there was the Time-Life building; there were Time-Life buildings around the world. Outside of the U.S., the company was known not as Time, Inc. but as Time-Life. We had Time-Life books, which by then was a booming business. I think by then it must have been several hundred million dollars, or something like that. So, we kept thinking about how to do it.

We had talked about a monthly, and given up on that. So then I forget who--Phil Kunhardt? Dick Stolley? Somebody thought up the notion of special issue, one-shot issues. And I forget when the first one was. And I believe we then had the year in pictures. That was the next sort of effort at reviving LIFE.

In the meantime, we had set up an experimental department--a magazine experimental department--and had started off by dreaming up a bunch of magazines.


Hold on. End of tape.

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