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effect sort of made it seem like we owned it. Marguery Hotel was on 46th and Park--had a lovely, lovely outdoor restaurant, by the way. We bought it, and we were going to tear it down, but this was not too long after the war and all the different war-time controls existed--couldn't get people out of the building, so on. So we sat around holding this, and then discovered that instead of this being the fancy hotel that we thought it was, it was heavily populated by ladies of the night and by gambling outfits. So suddenly here was Time Inc. owning the biggest whorehouse and the biggest gambling place in town [laughter]. So we said to Bill: “How could you do this to us?” And Bill said: “Don't worry; don't worry. I'll take the option back; I'll pay you double.” And we thought: “My God, what a nice gentleman!” So we took the money, and six months later, the laws had changed somewhat and he sold the same option for three times as much to somebody else--I guess to the company who built that building and has now moved to Danbury--not Allied Chemical but the one that had the trouble in India--Bhopal?


Yes. Just blocked out on it. Go ahead--Union Carbide!


Union Carbide, Union Carbide. And they built a beautiful building which is now occupied by Manufacturer's Hanover. So then the next proposition was 50th Street and Sixth Avenue, on the West Side. It's difficult to--


Where Radio City Music Hall is?

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