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Sixty-two thousand dollars is what Cravath Swaine pays for a kid fresh out of Law School. The same is true of the Business School. So those schools, even if the students have to borrow to get through their education, paying back is no problem. But if somebody goes to the School of Education, and depends on loans to get through, they will have a problem afterwards.

One of the more interesting and distinguishing features of Harvard is that the president has much more power of appointment than in most universities. And Derek Bok has had the wisdom to realize that he couldn't run the university single-handed; and therefore, the power of appointment is perhaps the subject that he pays most attention to. And he spends probably a third of his time discussing, running ad hoc committees that are really search committees, not just for professors, or just the deans, but even for all the senior administrators, even for Corporation members, they have a search committee. You advertise to the entire community, 220,000 strong, saying: “Do you have any suggestions for this job or that job?” And it's a long, slow process, but it has ended up with very excellent appointments. And Derek also has the power to deny appointments even though they've been recommended by the faculty, which is quite unusual.


Has he done it?




With who?

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