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often happens when Harvard does something, a lot of other people do something similar, and core curriculum has become quite the thing in the university world today. But it doesn't mean that the student doesn't have electives: there are plenty of electives. It just means that there are certain things--he must have a minimal knowledge of science and of history and of the world and I forget what else. But I think there are twelve “musts” over a period of four years.


Bok was a big supporter of this?


Big supporter of it. And all of us, of course, were supporters. But the main thing was to get the university to agree. You know, if you're a professor of Celtic, and somebody begins saying “core curriculum”, you know you're not going to be part of the core curriculum. And if core curriculum becomes something important, you're outside looking in. And core curriculum did become--finally, he sold it. And when I mean “he sold it”, I mean a lot of professors got very interested and wanted to teach core curriculum courses. And that was a triumph. Because when the best professors said: “Here's a course I would like to teach as part of the core curriculum”, then the whole thing went through.


Okay. Let's stop here for today. End tape.

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