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I've got the longest memory in the world. And I think I told you this goes back to the Kennedy statement, Jack Kennedy, who said by way of political advice, “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.” (laughs) I take it one step further. I never forget their names, and I never forgive them.

Now, the election. Kuh is a very intelligent guy. His weak point, and the one that got everybody upset and the one that to me was a major issue, was the way he destroyed many groups. I said this in a Village Voice column that I think he will never forgive me for. His wife doesn't talk to me when I meet her in the elevators here in the building. Nat Hentoff called me and he said, “I've been talking to a lot of people, and they all hate Kuh, but he's the DA now since Wilson appointed him in the pending period prior to an election, and they're afraid to be quoted, because after all they are all lawyers.” This is Hentoff. “So how do you want me to handle your interview?” He called me in Washington. I said “Everything I tell you is on the record.” He said, “What do you think of Kuh?” So I can't remember all the things I said, but I said, “The guy is just bad. The worst thing he did” -- and this is the part that was quoted - “was be killed Lenny Bruce.” That's very strong stuff. We're talking in the context of physically causing... As you know, he was not only driven off the stage, but he ended his life with an overdose of heroin. But in effect he was

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