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Carter in introducing van den Heuvel said... And by way of background to this, you have to know that everybody at that time knew that van den Heuvel was getting his name into every society page as taking out Ethel Kennedy and that there was a romance going. There wasn't any romance going, and van den Heuvel would do that with any socially prominent woman that he thought could advance his career in some way or other. So it was clear — everybody assumed so — that he was planting these stories that he was now Ethel Kennedy's escort. It was sort of a joke. Not his joke, but a joke on him, so to speak.


He's still married at this time?


No, I don't think so. I think he probably had been divorced. Carter Burden in introducing van den Heuvel said, “I do want to give you a brief announcement, if others are not aware of it, but We're going to make the announcement tonight — that van den Heuvel will be announcing tonight his engagement to Golda Meier.” (laughs) The place roared.

All right, van den Heuvel calls me on the phone and says, “Ed, I'd like you to support my candidacy.” I said, “Bill, I'm not getting involved in that.” He said, “I'd like to talk with you.” I said, “Bill, you're wasting your time. I'm not getting involved in endorsing anybody in this gubernatorial race. So, you know, let's not waste your time or my time on it.” He said, No, no, I understand that. I'd like to talk with you not about

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