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that had already been arranged at least a week or so before. And Kennedy said somewhere in his statement that he was going to make his announcement on the Saturday following the statement which took place on a Tuesday or Wednesday that he was reconsidering his position. And on that very Saturday I had been designated to go out and speak for McCarthy out in Long Island someplace, in the Great Neck area, and I spoke -- I'm pretty good at these things. And coming back, there was the announcement that Kennedy had held a press conference, and I think he held it in the rotunda of the Cannon Bldg, which is a place that I'm familiar with -- and I walk through it quite often. It's in the Cannon Building. As you walk over to the House of Representatives, you go through it. And he says he's going to run.

So I get back to my house in this very room we're talking in and I call people. I call my partner, John Lankenau, and I say, “I really want to come out for Kennedy. What do you think?” He said, “I think you should.” I call a number of other people -- Stanley Geller. He says, “Yes, I think you should.” And I may have called Allen Schwartz, my third partner. You will note that I have not called my second partner, Victor Kovner, at this point. And so I make my decision; I'm going to come out tomorrow -- meaning Sunday when I'm on the television program -- for Kennedy. And you have to understand that 98% of my workers are for McCarthy and many of them don't like Robert Kennedy.

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