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Hentoff in the Village Voice yelling that he'll never vote for Humphrey, that Humphrey is a war criminal. It was absolutely nutty. And you had all the New Left writers really breaking Humphrey's back.

But two weeks before -- I don't remember what he said, it was some cockamaimie speech that he made -- and we decided that based on that speech, we could endorse him and take credit for his having shifted on the war. So that's what we did. He made the speech and we quickly sent a telegram; “Based on your turnabout” -- (laughs) or words to that effect -- “We now endorse you.” Like it was a big deal. Okay. But at least it got me off the anti-Humphrey thing. I never regretted it. I mean obviously I'm going to be for Humphrey over Nixon. Paul O'Dwyer up until the very end said he was not going to vote and did not vote for Humphrey. It shows what a schmuck he is. I don't have a high regard for Paul O'Dwyer.

Let me tell you a Paul O'Dwyer story. By the time we get through with this, you'll find that I don't have a high regard for very many. (laughs)


I'm glad you said that. (laughs)


I know that I see them in a way that's different from the way the public sees them. Of course they would say the same maybe

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