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lot of money. And they're going to be executed. I did not see one denunciation of the fact that the Soviet Union is executing people for economic crimes.

I also saw last week that Iran actually executed five or ten people who had killed a number of Americans in Iran, and they were terrorists. I didn't see one editorial in the New York Times or any other newspaper denouncing Iran for doing that.

So what do we have? We have a double standard. If the fascists -- and I deplore fascism -- but I must say I draw no distinction between fascism and communism in terms of oppression. They're just as oppressive. And too many liberals somehow or other can never get out of that bag that somehow or other communist oppression is not as bad as fascist oppression. In a way it's worse. You know why? Because there is no illustration that I know of where any country under Soviet domination has ever come out from under, not one. Whereas there are a number of countries under fascist repression who work their way out and became democratic -- Greece would be the best illustration of that; a fascist country, now democratic. But not one country that's ever been under Soviet oppression -- communist oppression, if you will -- has ever come out and become a democracy. So in that sense the oppression apparently isn't as overwhelming in the sense

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