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But I never considered him to be first-rate.


All right, let's go back to John Lindsay then.


Okay. I'll just tell you this one other story, or maybe there are two stories to be told.

The first one is that I ran for the city council in '66; November of '66 is when I was elected. And the Liberal party endorsed me simply because they were very appreciative of my having endorsed Lindsay, and Lindsay was their candidate for mayor, and Henry Stern was very important in that race, too. So they endorsed me, and Tom Hoving, whom I had met in the last days of the Wagner administration -- he was sitting at the Board of Estimtate proceedings and had already been designated by Lindsay as the new parks commissioner (at least that was the scuttlebutt; that's where I met him with Mary Nichols -- she introduced me to him). We sort of became friends. He was very appreciative that I had endorsed Lindsay. I'd never met him before. In my city council race, Hoving, who I had kept contact with, agreed to endorse me, which is a Republican crossing party lines to endorse a Democrat against Woody Kingman, who was the Republican candidate for the city council to fill the seat that Ted Kupferman had vacated as a result of his going to Congress, filling the seat that Lindsay had vacated. Just to get the

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