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calls from MacDougall Street Neighborhood Association. Dina Nolan: “Why don't you come down? We've won! We've won!” I said, “Dina, we haven't won. We haven't gotten all the results.” She said, “You've won, you've won.” I had won all the ten election districts in the South Village, but there were 325 election districts in the whole pack and we hadn't heard from uptown, where I was weakest, which would be the upper cast side, where the Republicans lived. But ultimately I take a cab down when the votes are all in and I know I've won. I won by 2500.



This is a continuation of the interview with Congressman Koch January 7, 1976.


So I get into the cab and I go down Bleeker Street, and as we approach MacDougall off 7th Avenue, between 7th and MacDougall, the cab has to stop because there's an enormous crowd on the street -- hundreds of people. I can't figure out why. And they're carrying candles. The cabbie says, “We can't go any further,” so I get out, thinking, “God knows what's happened down here.” And they are my people. And it's Dina Nolan and Wallie Popolizio and all these others, and they're carrying Roman candles, and they see me, and they come over and they hug me and they're crying -- grown men crying, including

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