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a factual statement for submission to the judge. It's a brilliant idea -- that these ten masters selected by these ten chief judges would sit together not separately as a commission to hold hearings, assemble the facts and make recommendations to the Congress. You'd get tremendous input from all around the country. And indeed, what is so brilliant about it is it involves the very courts that now are imposing these bussing plans on the country that are so violently resisted in Boston and elsewhere. And that is what I'm going to be proposing in the next few weeks.


You've been talking about your first Congressional election, I wonder if we could pick up, probably just schematically, the previous election. First of all, we didn't complete what kind of a margin you got in your runoff or your second district leader election.


I'll give you that. The first time I ran for district leader in ‘63, there were about 9000 votes and I won by 41. The second time I ran, as a result of a court-ordered rerun, I think there were about 9200 votes and I quadruled my plurality and got 164 vote margin. The third time I ran in 1965, which was really the second full term, there were 11,000 people who voted and I won by 518 votes, and that really ended DeSapio's career, and that was particularly significant because they had added to the district about 2500 Italo-Americans with the thought

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