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said. On the third or so occasion, I said, “Mr. Chairman, since Mr. Rooney is not going to provide it to us, I want everybody to know that at our meeting to designate officers [chairman of the delegation, patronage chairman -- they didn't have these meetings before, but now we have them -- they didn't have to have these designations annually], I'm putting everybody on notice that I intend to run somebody [not me] against Mr. Rooney, to nominate somebody against Mr. Rooney for the patronage position.”

Well, this was consternation, and then everybody said, “Well, why do we run only against Rooney? Why don't we also run against Delaney?” who was the steering representative of the New York delegation, to the Speaker's then Steering Committee. And so two people decided that they would run. One was Podell, who ran against Delaney, and the other one was Addabbo, who ran against Rooney. And we beat them. What a surprise to them.

Now, to Delaney's credit, he came in and fought it, and the vote -- it's my recollection -- was ten to seven for Podell against Delaney. Rooney, instead of coming to the election, sent in a letter that he was not going to run, that he was withdrawing from the delegation, and enclosed the list of names of people who are the patronage flunkies of New York, and there were 22 people on there and only one name was known to anybody else in that delegation. Otis Pike said, “I think I know one

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