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member of Congress to support him, and he turned out to be very nice, and we have a good relationship.

Okay, what else?


On Dick Kuh, what came to be the objections to Dick Kuh when he was still in the reform movement and the VID?


Well, there were a number of things that occurred. Memory is limited. But when I first went to the VID... There's a short story in here written about me which gives you some history about why I got out of the VID and how I came back.


We're talking about a book called off Washington Square by Jane Kramer.


Right. In any event, he is a brilliant guy, Dick Kuh. By the way, his brother is my doctor, and his Brother is a wonderful doctor, medical doctor. We never discuss his brother Dick. The fact is: I made that clear when I first went to see him, which is about six, seven years ago. He asked me about his brother, and I said, “Let's not talk about your brother, because your brother and I are not keen on one another, so let's not talk about him.”

Somehow or other, Dick Kuh after I came back -- and it was even prior to my coming back in 1959 -- had left the VID. What it was about, I don't really know. Carol Greitzer is better

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