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Anna left that evening, feeling that the atmosphere in the Senate was good for a raise, and so did I. Just what it would be was in the lap of God, and how much pressure we could exert on the Senators from then on.

That evening, on the 19th, Florence and I invited Senator Dick Russell, who had been long indifferent to our pleas to get substantial increases for research; Senator and Mrs. Lister Hill, Senator Jack Kennedy, and Senator Henry Jackson for dinner. Dr. Rhoads came down to talk with them and to tell the story of the progress in cancer research and to say that more money was needed to win the battle. Hill was amiable and sympathetic as usual, but we knew that in the and he would protect the money for the Hill-Burton hospital construction appropriation and that the research institutes' money would be the second consideration in his mind. That was the case in those days. This we considered natural as his name and face were involved in the other bill.

We were extremely disappointed that Senator Russell came down with a severe cold and did not show, as he was the real one on whom we had been hoping to make an impression, both with Dr. Rhoads and Jessie Marmaston.

Jack Kennedy was mildly interested, and Jackson, too, but as they were not on the Appropriations Committee, we did not make any great effort to sell them on the details of the program.

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