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put up for the other five Institutes, so they got about the money they had received the other years, but no cuts.

Now, as Nelson Rockefeller had been appointed Undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare--I was in Europe the first part of June--I decided that as the fight for funds for '53 and '54 was over I should go to talk with him, as I had always liked him and he had persuadedme to go on the Board of the Museum of Modern Art and I had always admired his energy and his interest in modern art. I was very hopeful that he would have a big vision about the need for medical research, especially on account of the work of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Institute.


Was the thoroughly cognizant with the work of the Foundation?


Not really, I found. He actually had never thought much about what they were doing; he thought it was all being taken care of by them and that additional funds were probably not necessary, and that it had to be that the Rockefeller Foundation and Institute were doing as much as was needed.


It was his father, actually, who was really vitally interested in this, wasn't it?


Well, I'm not sure. I think that it got started under the--wasn't Flexner one of the people who had advised him? And

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