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I think Alan Gregg was very influential. The Rockefellers themselves, by the time I got into the thing, weren't terribly personally interested. I never knew John D. Rockefeller, Jr. at all, and I don't think that he ever took much personal interest in precisely what was going on. I may be wrong on this, but I don't think so.


Had you known Warren Weaver?


Yes, I do know Warren Weaver, and he's a very charming man.


Well, his interest does lie in this direction.


Yes, more or less, but his interest is rather philosophical, you know.

Nelson had been especially interested in South American affairs, the Point-Four Program of the Truman Administration, and his own projects in South America. I was apprehensive about going to see him, actually, as I was afraid that he was now taking the Eisenhower line and would be on the defensive about increasing funds.

I made an appointment with him on the 4th of August at 3 o'clock. I talked about 10 minutes on the work of the Museum and then I started to explain to him how I came to be interested

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