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Because it would mean Southern Democratic votes against it and without their votes we couldn't win. It was a big problem. Both Quinn and Gorman worked hard on it, as did Fogarty. Priest, however, was working for his own primary election and was embarrassed by the fact that the deans were on his back about the amendment. He left town and left the matter in the hands of Oren Harris, the next ranking member of his committee, from Arkansas.

Harris managed the bill very well. He beat down the Republican amendments through a parliamentary ruling which our friend, John Rooney, who happened to be sitting in the chair made, and S-849 was passed. John Rooney has long been a friend of mine. He was one of the first people to ever introduce a 100-million-dollar bill for cancer research and I have long been sympathetic with him and have supported him in his various campaigns. And by some fantastic freak of luck, he was sitting in the chair when the Research Construction Bill came up and ruled the protestors out of order, and the bill was passed.

I didn't arrange for him to be in the chair; I just know he was there.

Fogarty and Senator Hill then cooperated to put 30 million dollars into the final supplementary appropriations bill, which had still not passed at that time. That comes at the end of July. And Eisenhower signed the bill at the very end of

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