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the session, the summer of '56. In other words, it was a fiscal '57 appropriations bill, with 30 million dollars, for the first time, for the construction of research facilities for medical schools and other research centers.

Eisenhower, however, sent a letter saying that he was disappointed that funds for medical schools were not also made available. S 849 provided for a total of 90 million to be spent over a period of three years, and the institutions which received funds had to match them on a 50--50 basis. This provided a building program of a much larger size than the 90 million dollars which the Federal Government initiated and has changed the scope of medical research in the United States, because really people just had to have roofs over their heads to get going.

It is still inadequate and currently the amount of money has been raised to 50 million for the next three years, and this is totally inadequate as we already have requests of over 140 million, now, on hand.


And this is on a matching basis?


On a matching basis.


What is the merit of the matching basis?

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