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who were working on another committee for me, became acutely aware of the importance of birth control as an economic measure and they wrote between them a booklet called “Does Over-population Mean Poverty?” This booklet I insisted on sending to all heads of states, and believe it or not, Joe Jones received a visit of a secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington, saying that Khrushchev had read the booklet and wished to have more copies to give to people in the Soviet Academy of Science. Naturally, he was given additional copies.

This booklet seemed to me to be too modest because it did not say where anybody could obtain any specific information about birth control, because even then Lloyd and Jones were afraid to say that health officers or heads of states interested in doing anything about their countries could write the Planned Parenthood Federation for information about new methods, or any methods. They omitted this because they were so fearful about getting into too controversial an area.


Do you really think this is a legitimate fear?


I don't know, but I thought it was ridiculous, and I was extremely annoyed with them about it.

At the same time, in the last few years I urged Mrs. Mahoney, who always took the attitude that the Catholics really weren't soterribly, against birth control, to go and see the Pope about it. She has enormous courage and has initiative when she gets interested in something, and she did actually get an appointment

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