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tremendously helped by it, too

Of course, by present analytic methods, even if there were more analysts trained, they would never fill the vast human demand and need for help, so I was anxious to support any ideas Alexander had on how to shorten the time involved and give help to more people. As a result of this interest and support, an extremely intelligent book was produced by the staff of the Institute and Dr. Alexander called Brief Psychotherapy, which was a description of how clinical Freudian analyses might be shortened with certain types of cases and certain types of problems. I think it has had some substantial usefulness in the psychoanalytic field, as a number of the younger analysis now do do what they call brief analyses and don't insist on long classical Freudian analyses.


Is there any possibility of a clinical approach to this, like a medical clinic to which one goes.


You mean cheaper treatments?


A more mass treatment.


Oh, you mean, group treatment. Well, the group treatment is a form of psychotherapy but most people find it hard to break down and talk enough in a big group to give themselves as much relief as they would get otherwise.

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