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approve of this.

We also suggested that general practitioners be given refresher or training courses in psychiatry and the use of new drugs, and he didn't like that. But he did start it eventually, and nowthey spend about nine million dollars for these training courses. And we did urge the initiation, as we got more and more money, of research and training centers, especially centers in mental illness, so that there would be a place where chemistry department of universities, biology departments, every form of science on knowledge, could be brought to bear on the problems of mental illness in a mental hospital that might be associated with a university, or in a mental hospital that was a large one that just had initiative and a lot of patients. Well, he objected to that, and that got going very slowly, but it at least has started.

So, while I like Dr. Felix as a person, the fact that he opposed these things which have turned out even to him to be benefactions, it doesn't make me have any great enthusiasm for him as a leader. It does say for him, however, that he does administer the program.


And is this the current controversy, that he wants to separate the two?


Now, he wants to separate from the group of the National Institutes of Health and become a Bureau of the Public

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