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pass the House, I'm not positive, but I think it is going to pass this year, and it will be a major step forward, because the need for community facilities and treating people without forcing them to go to state mental hospitals is an enormous advance. How, most people that are sent to state hospitals now could be treated if they're gotten early enough by psychiatry and by drugs on an outpatient basis, and these outpatient clinics just haven't been available, and private treatment, as you know, is fantastically expensive and many psychiatrists are out of touch with medicine and out of medical school so long that they're afraid of the use of drugs.


Mrs. Lasker, in this area of the mentally retarded, I think of the problem that surrounds the home where they do have a retarded child, the problem of education and the fact that some of the communities have not been able or have not the foresight to establish special schools for training these children.


This is another trying provided by some legislation that the President has fostered in this session of Congress, and has provided a group of smaller bills that we hope will pass in this session. I have promised to give some help to this effort. Mike Gorman has been working on the bills and I promised to really help the White House, if they need somebody to do publicity full-time, to pay for a special publicity person, who would work for a few months to see if we could

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