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I had a great friend called Eleanor Sachs, who was not related to Paul Sachs, who was also interested in art and in drawings and in fine arts; and a friend from Chicago called Jane Fairbank, who was a wonderful person.


Of the industrial family?


Yes, the daughter of Mrs. Kellogg Fairbank. And Ellen Gould, whom I'd known at Donner, was at another school in Cambridge for a time and was still a great friend. Eleanor Whitman, who later married Owen Young's son, was a great friend of mine. I knew various boys at Harvard, whom I liked. I knew one who rejoiced in the wonderful name of Fat Cogan, who was very amusing and lively. And another very charming but shy man called John DuBois and another who later became a Harvard dean called Del Leighton.

Curiously enough, many men whom I know now and got to know later where there at that time, but I didn't know them at the time, such as the Cowles brothers, Senator Papper, and various other people.


Did you curb your social life somewhat at Radcliffe?


Yes, because I really had to work quite hard, and our social life wasn't as organized as it was at the University of

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