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little about it, as compared with what I know now. I don't say I'm an authority now, but I do know a great deal more than most people, although I knew very little then. And I was not at all partisan, although most of my friends were Republicans at the time.


In the field of health insurance, Mrs. Lasker, what tangible efforts did you make there?


Well, at that particular time I made relatively little effort, but once I met Albert Lasker I did make an effort that was greater. But I was already intellectually interested in it. I have a note here from 1938 which lists my interests, which happens to still be in my book.

I was, of course, interested in business and especially in investments because I had my own investments and those of my mother and sister to make. So I was interested in people who were leaders in American business and who had ideas about new businesses and also what businesses to invest in successfully.


Did you go to any one person for guidance in that field?


Well, I couldn't say that I really did. I spent a good deal of time reading market reports, really reading reports of companies at times, and trying to stay fairly well informed about major companies. And I was friendly with leading bankers and

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