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Stuart Udall about it. I'm going to go the White House on the 27th of January and make a short speech at a luncheon for her, where she wants to kind of start this whole idea of the encouragement of natural beauty through beautification of the land --


Who's going to be at the lunch?


Oh, people from the press and ladies' -- woman-doer lunches, this is one of those. Anyway, this is part of her interest in this idea of beautification of the federal highways.

This memo reads, “Urge large-scale plantings on federal highways of native flowering trees and shrubs, as many states have not used their allotments under the Federal bill for planting on their highways. For example, New Jersey, Illinois highways are mostly unplanted.

“Urge better lighting and lighting fixtures on highways. Stimulate national parks to improve appearance and design of motels. Develop dramatic, man-made vistas of natural beauty of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. Encourage the application of industrial design to improve the appearance and design of all Federal facilities, to increase the prestige of the United States government at home and abroad. Materials and goods purchased by the Federal government, from postage stamps and mail trucks to ships and planes, as well as new Federal housing

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