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was very moved, and had been for years, by the planting of wildflowers, blue bonnets, on the Texas highways.

Now she wants to make Washington a demonstration area, and I'm going to a meeting next week, on the 17th, the first meeting of a Washington committee, in the hope that I can hear what plans there are and what the response is, and also maybe make some suggestions and maybe even give something to be planted in her honor. I'm hoping that we can get some jets of water, fountains, in the reflecting pool in front of the Washington Monument, between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and that we can get cherry trees planted in that area and take some of the 65,000 azaleas that belong to the Department of Agriculture in a botanical garden that none of us have ever seen, and plant them in front of public buildings and in high-traffic areas. I suggested to her that we should plant masses of flowers and flowering trees where masses of people pass, and she seemed to like this idea. There's no use to plant things where nobody ever sees them.


Washington lends itself to this sort of thing.


Oh, it's already so beautiful. It already has the trees; it already has the wonderful man-made vistas. It just needs to be enhanced.


It's not the most difficult project.

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