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Oh, yes, and the place was ringed with the FBI, and at least five or six FBI men were standing around us, but they looked like waiters or friends and so nobody paid the slightest attention to them; but had one person done the least peculiar thing that seemed untoward to them, they would have been hustled by them with the greatest dispatch.

Well, Mrs. Krim and I both felt that the President, as I said, would forget about asking us to stay at the White House; but not at all. He did not forget about it, and so we did go to the White House to stay on the nights of May 24th and 45th. She is a charming woman who is interested in cancer research and basic research in DNA and RNA, acid and acid, and she is extremely pretty and intelligent, but has never been among people interested in highways and parks.


It was a new area for her.


Yes, and local government. The President was home both nights for dinner; and one night Barbara Ward was there, and we had an extremely enjoyable, lively time because Barbara is very lively in conversation. The President talked mostly about his problem with Santo Domingo and justified the entrance of the American troops into Santo Domingo. Among other things, he said

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