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You don't want to guess about it. And then we went to the Fish Room and there was a huge bookcase that was all out of scale really for the rest of the furniture and the question was whether to leave it or whether to take out the round, fat oak table that we've had there ever since I've been going to the White House. It must be something from the days of Theodore Roosevelt, but it can be pulled out to seat about 24 people and it fills up the room. But at any rate, Mrs. Johnson has made a wonderful reform in the White House executive section. There are now flowers--very pretty flowers like what there are for the White House itself--in all the offices, and there were very pretty pictures...


Did you have a hand in this?


No, I didn't suggest it. There are very pretty pictures: a marvelous Whistler and a very good Grant Wood and a Remington and something else there, which were more or less representative of American artists. They didn't all hang terribly well with earth other but they were representative. There again I think we needed a scale model. You can't tell how to rearrange a room adequately without looking at it, especially people who are not experienced decorators, as none

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